Trihow Dynamics

Dynamic Workshop

Presentations have always followed a strict linear sequence. With the Trihow system you can break through this convention and jump to other slides that correspond to the current presentation process - and, of course, also back.

A well-known problem with workshops is the lack of attention from the participants or the lack of inspiration during group work. For this we developed the ready-to-use Energizers, which you can use as needed. Be it music, short films, quotes or jokes - with a touch of the finger the contents are displayed on the screen.

Group work is conducted hybridly: Participants can work both analog and digital. The results can be embedded directly into the overall project - the analog results can be digitized in seconds.

People can now work together more easily than ever before. This frees up time that can be used elsewhere.

Trihow simplifies the tedious documentation and processing after the workshop considerably: the report is created automatically and dynamically on the basis of your presentation process and the results obtained from the group work. You can then refine the report with additional insights, images and conclusions as needed.

  • Dynamic Presentation
    | Total flexibility through non-linearity
    | Use new methods quickly
    | Simple energizing
  • Dynamic Documentation
    | Photos and videos of participants are instantly displayed on the large screen
    | Digitize analog tools such as post-its and flipcharts easily and quickly
    | Directly compare group results with split screen function
  • Dynamic protocolling
    | Get all used slides and images directly as PDF
    | Edit and distribute the protocol very easily
    | Gain valuable time