Trihow Dynamics

Dynamic Experience | Hybrid spaces

Enthusiasm thanks to surprise. People today are virtually flooded with stimuli. Regardless of whether it's a TV, computer, smartphone or shopping mall - everywhere we go, we're bombarded. This passive and inflationary consumption means that something new hardly sticks any more. Dynamic interaction is the magic means to reach the customer. Trihow combines the simplicity and feel of the analog world with the versatility and reusability of the digital world.

With the Trihow system, people can play an active part in events. Both through interaction with the system, e.g. in the showroom - which requires no computer or power source - and through active participation: the customer can upload content (e.g. pictures) from the smartphone, create voice messages and much more. The possibilities are endless.

The customer can directly create presentations or content and control digital content with objects and artifacts. It is also possible to control electrical devices within the Trihow system.

The customer receives a personalized experience with a WOW effect that stays with them instead of being washed away.

  • Hybrid spaces
    | Control digital content with objects and artifacts
    | Start in-depth content (presentations, videos, etc.) directly
    | Control electrical devices within the Trihow system
  • Individual experience
    | Inspire by surprise
    | Personalised content
    | Take it Home
  • Active customer interaction
    | Customer can start digital content himself
    | Customer can integrate own content
    | Direct interaction (without PC in between)