Our Employees

Niklas MeyerProject Management & Sales ConsultantProject ManagementProcess ManagementConsulting & Sales

After an apprenticeship as an electronics engineer in a large industrial company, Nik moved to an SME, where he was responsible for representing the product range of a renowned Japanese measuring instrument manufacturer in Switzerland. In order to further expand his skillset, Nik decided to study Industrial Engineering | Innovation, which he completed part-time alongside his job as a working student in Lean Management. After completing his studies, he was hired by the company as a Quality Manager, and from then on he was the project manager of an IT tool for the efficient processing of customer complaints.

In search of a new challenge, Nik joined Trihow to further develop his expertise in agile project management and to experience the start-up groove first-hand.

Nik has always been fascinated by airplanes that can take him to faraway places. He loves meeting people and is interested in foreign countries and cultures. He also enjoys sports: be it in the gym or outdoors – Nik is an active person who craves physical activity.