We are Trihow

Beat Knüsel and Patrick Link began their discussion on digitalisation over a cold beer. In the process, it became increasingly clear to both of them that although digitalisation is progressing, it is too much technology-oriented instead of human-oriented.

While the analogue world has been sensual and easy for our brains to grasp since the birth of man 70,000 years ago, the digital world is characterised by high efficiency, networking and editability. While these characteristics are very relevant for business, the digital world remains elusive for the human brain.

In over 10,000 hours of research, the two founders of Trihow have therefore investigated the question of how the hybrid space should be designed and what human-friendly solutions might look like.

Their research at the university resulted in over 120 findings and principles on how hybrid space should be designed in the future. On this basis and after the proof of concept of Trihow’s ideas in Silicon Valley, the company Trihow was founded.

According to the motto «Back to Human» , Trihow develops human-friendly solutions for customers.

Philosophy & values

Based on the vision of the two founders, they have not only founded a company, but rather created a culture.

According to the motto “Back to Human”, Trihow develops humane solutions for its customers. But that’s not all: it’s about creating a humane working environment – both for the employees and for the customers.

It has not been a secret for a long time. Whether in sport, in love or in working life: People develop their potential when they feel free, valued and part of a whole. Trihow places values such as trust, fun, passion and authenticity at the centre. Under these circumstances, a holocracy is proactively lived, which promotes diversity and does not differentiate between interns and C-levels. Instead, Trihow focuses on the M-level – the human level that distinguishes each individual and makes each of us a unique personality.